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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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but i think he's doing the best he can. >> who is going to read the whole homily? it's beautiful, but read it all, not just the sound bite. >> i think i linked it on my website. i tweeted something about christmas night, whom do you miss most on christmas, and i was weeping after reading all the tweets. a lost people miss loved ones and good to think of them on this second day of christmas. great conversation, gentlemen. thank you so much. that is it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm laura ingraham. i'm in for bill o'reilly. please remember the spin always stops here. i'm going get the spin down one day. merry second day of christmas! >> hello, everyone. i'm greg along with kimberly guilfoyle and juan williams and andrea, and it's the five.
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>> so a new york paper called the journal news is under fire for printing the names and addresses of local gun owners. even adding a map that shows exactly where they live. some gun owners are ticked, which is wrong. because this article is the best argument for gun ownership ever. i mean, if you knew that an idiotic editor would out nongun owners, won you get a gun to protect yourself from the thugs? do you think he works for the nra. the paper made them the easiest marks. look at this map. what do you see? not just pockets of gun owners in red, but pockets without. how comfy would you be knowing your gun free area is now on line. but listen to the media talk about guns is like listening to a tree talk about algebra.
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listen to celebrities speaking out on gun control. of all the problems j zoo has, owning a -- jzee has, owning a gun is not one of them. next time a liberal asks if you want a gun, return the question and preface it with the fact that the answer, once public, impacts his family's safety. but the best response is someone asking you if you own a gun, none of your dam business, but you are welcome to find out, and not by opening a paper. >> i -- that was naysing. it frightened me. >> since when did asking about guns not be a personal thing? when i was growing up, people in the neighborhood, it would be like asking your best friend how much money his dad made. it was just something you didn't bring up. and that in a sense created favor for everybody else because
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nobody knew who owned one and who didn't. >> and right away i thought about its incredibly inappropriate to do. they are outing people who are exercising their constitutional right to own a weapon and to protect themselves and their families. think about the potential liability as well. what if they get robbed? homes are armed many times for the firearms contained there in. it happened to my brother's house in san francisco. that's something that happens and they know you have certain kind of weapons, they might come in and try to hit you. >> some people own guns because they are under threat and therefore you are actually publishing the address of somebody who might be under threat. >> the only people upset with this are the people who don't own gun. i have a gun, if you want to find out what the business end of that looks like, come through my house. it won't matter if i'm in the paper or not. the paper, in fact, that's the
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point. letting people know you own a gun is a safety factor. putting it on the door this house protected by smith & wesson, the bad guys are going to go somewhere else. >> you know what it is, it reminded me when i was living in allentown, where you once hitched, people would put alarm signs on their houses when they really didn't have the alarm which ticked me off because i paid for my alarm. >> i had a car alarm. and i couldn't really afford it so i was one of those people. you are a former magazine editor. this is hardly irresponsible. there is a way to do this story like there always is. they could have done it like published the number of people in each town and went town by town. but it's basically i think also demonizing the gun owners, as well. this is a manhattan-based paper, a suburb. they always do this, they treat gun owners like they are sex offenders.
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and now the liberal way is acceptance. this is let's identify the people who have guns but really it's just pitting i think neighbor against neighbor. >> like they are lepers or something or -- >> you guys are totally, totally -- i thought you were going to come out with a rant that said why did they do this? poor gun owners, but to the contrary you are saying great. >> yeah. >> i do think poor gun owners. >> and eric said i'm all for it because the bad guys will run in the other direction. you know why they did it. in the aftermath of connecticut, people think people with a lot of guns, it's a public safety issue. do i really want to live near people who have a bunch of guns and have an arsenal in the basement? >> what do you think is safer, the area with a lot of guns or no dots? >> i'm like you, i feel safer without guns. >> one city has three dots.
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>> that suburb that -- >> legal dots. >> that's a good point. >> the one with three dots or the ones with the thousand dots is a lot more safe than the other. >> obviously not because the odds are that, eric, you are going to shoot your wife or your wife shoots you. >> no, he's not. >> the odds are the wife would shoot him. >> but i'm just telling you, that's what uses the gun. or guess what? adam shows up and he starts -- >> oh, bad guys. >> you are all these fantasies about bad guys. the bad guys, i wish they had dots for the bad guys who have guns. >> that's the that's the point. >> in my neighborhood it's the bad guys with the guns who are intimidating and killing and major. >> you just made my point. why are gun owners treated the same way sex offenders are? why do they have to collect the database and they monitor them? >> wait a minute, this is the government. >> they are outing them like they have done something wrong. >> no, no. you have a permit to own a gun.
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>> it's a symptom. a greater disease. >> no, you have a permit to own the gun. the government said here, and it's freedom of information. >> would you be comfortable with your address outed? >> my address is. >> how about the writer ares of the journal news? >> the guy who wrote the article revealed he owns a gun. >> look, i'm in the phone book, i'm in the newspaper. i mean, you know the thing is for all of us. >> call me. >> thank you. >> but for all of us, there's a high degree of risk. one thing greg says on the show which is true, we are guarded. what people guard us? that's not the issue. so it's not that i'm anti-second amendment, i'm just saying let's be realistic. there's a public safety issue about people having too easy access to guns. >> you have it backwards. you have it backwards. if you took the whole country and did the same thing on the map of the country, the safest places to win would be the ones with a lot of dots on it, not the ones with no dots on it.
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>> you are wrong. because you know what? i live in urban america, and 34 people a day die from gun injuries. >> well, uv the toughest gun control laws, don't you? dc has tough gun control laws. >> that's what i'm saying. we need to absolutely look at why access to guns is so easy. why in new york city where you said manhattan doesn't have the dots, why are there no many guns illegally flowing? >> because the bad guys get the guns. >> the city of chicago doesn't have dots and washington d.c.. >> violent crimes are exploding. >> that's what i said earlier. i wish they had a map with the bad guys who had guns. but where could they get the guns in they get them from states with lax gun control laws. >> no, illegally on the street because they don't want to commit a crime with a gun that's registered to them. let me tell you something, one case we had, and we had a gun thank you, mr. criminal, we called him stupid ring centering the gun and committing a crime
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with the gun and we know exactly where we can find you. it doesn't happen. >> we need laws that make it harder to remove the registration numbers. >> they fire it off. they file it off. file the serial number and it's a gun that's clean they can't trace back and you have to do ballistic comparisons. >> they can close the good on a loophole -- >> is there a gun show "loophole?" >> yes do you want me to tell you what it is? >> yes. please do. you don't have a license to sell guns, you cancel a gun and you don't have -- he doesn't have to go through a background check. that's legal. it should not be. >> have there been major crimes committed by people who got guns at gun shows? >> i don't know. >> i don't know either. i want to read this. a lot of celebrities that come out for gun control, and one hasn't, jesse james, the motorcycle mow go with an infamous love life. i want to read a post from his
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facebook that made the point for me. which he said the rights to self protection in the middle of all this death and violence in long beach, california, that's where he lives, my shop, west coast shoppers, was never robbed or broken into in 20 years. it was pretty common knowledge in my neighborhood i carried and would defend my business. isn't that the fact, when people know you have a gun. and they have done research, criminals are less likely to go to a place where they know it's armed. >> did you see a lot of gun violence in texas? not really because everybody has a gun. i want to make a point quickly about the celebrities. that ad you referenced in your monologue with jennifer aniston, and the others, they have started in movies with guns. the bounty hunters. but i find it interesting, they love to exercise their first amendment right, which they can, even if it's hypocritically, but they are doing it against the second amendment. you can't have one without the
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other because if you start talking about taking away the second amendment, well, then that's a slippery slope. >> i want to say you also want to protect your first amendment rights. telling people they can't speak up and make that ad. >> i didn't tell them that, ad. in the ad they are speaking against the second amendment. >> let me continue. i don't think anybody wants to take away your second amendment right. supreme court affirmed you have a right to own a gun. i think it's headed in terms of the militia. you are not a militia. >> it's from the -- it's from another era. let me ask you something; freedom of the press outdated then? >> no. we still have printing presses. >> you can't make the other one. >> it's not true. >> as you know, i go to the gym every day for my quads. cnn is on at that time and they dad's the question how is this any different than posting the prices of your homes?
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that's the dumbest question you ever heard in your life? >> that's cnn, for you. [laughter] >> i couldn't resist. coming up, eric has the latest on the fiscal cliff standoff and how a starbucks is trying to help lawmakers come together. i hope it's by cleaning their bathrooms. really, starbucks, you can do better. next on "the five." public bathrooms are terrible. ♪ because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. aryou l >> welcome back. are you like me, still scratching your head why speaker bain asked his caucus to vote and promising them he wouldn't sign it anyway? why he would have anyone sign a document that goes against their fiber, a document that could go against them with their constituents. and republicans are losing the
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debate on the fiscal cliff. they should be saying this. this is obama's economy. let the president and the democrats own it, lets them own the massive exploding national debt, let them own the tax hikes, let them own the defense cuts. instead boehner and the gaining are letth president to star his own superhero film. he's going to come back in and save us from the fiscal cliff while others are puffing marlboros. winning the optics war and winning it big. juan, how do you get the ball back from the democrats? they had it. next thing you know, the ball is in your court. >> i'm going to have to upset you, my friend. i think you are right. i think boehner is at the moment looking weaker. he's out of the talks all together at the moment. no role to play. his own troops have abandoned him. i'm told he's okay of keeping
6:18 pm
the speaker ship on january 3rd when they vote but you start to hear rumors about eric cantor who you see next to him possibly launching some kind of -- but it seems to me he's in a position the republicans in the senate and the white house are really the ones who will negotiate this deal and potentially you have ten or twelve republicans in the senate that will pass something and throw it back to boehner and then it will be a question, will he have a vote? >> 32 bills passed the house that are sitting in the senate that will never see the light of day. >> it's ridiculous. you are playing basketball and you have five guys on your team and the other side has one player and you are still getting beat because you keep turning over the ball, that's what it seems like. i don't understand how think lost it already and i think they have. the fact it's been so mismanaged, there's been a leadership crisis, there hasn't been enough consensus in terms what have to do, there seems to be splits in the party on how to
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approach this and they keep on losing ground and obama got to go on vacation in hawaii. lucky him. >> and if the bush tax cuts expire and president obama says, hey, republicans, look at this, tax cuts for everyone making under 250, can republicans say no to a tax cut in 2015? >> it will be tough but not tougher than the pr battles he's fighting right now. i think he wants that scenario. i think obama thinks going off the click is a win for him. he can say i am bringing in revenue, i am lowering the deficit. and he can still blame the gop when their tacks go up. i don't think the grass pollen had the ball in this fight. i don't think they gave it up, i don't think they ever had it. it's tough for them to win against a white house like this and a white house press core that's not going to report anything negative against the president. >> there's a ball and the ball is the debt ceiling.
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all these things, i will get to craig, but have to go through the house. the money negotiations have to go through the house. if the house says no on raising the debt ceiling, they can create a lot of havoc. go ahead, greg. >> you know what? i don't care anymore. >> oh, okay. >> because as a human being in this discussion i've already lost, both options going over the fiscal cliff and not going over the fiscal cliff in my opinion are losers and that leads to the big lie. when the fiscal cliff preposition was made it was supposed to be bad for both sides. but remember high taxes and defense cuts, that's a democrat's sweet 16 party. they love that stuff. so saying there is all that damage is like saying sardine and milk is bad for cats. they will love this. and that shows how the democrats really pranked the republicans. the democrats are so good at politics. politics to them is like inmates making shivs. they do it all day. when it's the end of the day
6:21 pm
they can stab you and republicans are going what just happened to me? i just got stabbed! that's what they do for a living. they are good at politics. >> according to the wall street journal on thursday boehner offered $600 billion or $800 billion in revenue increases and obama said those don't count, those are mine. what's up with that? >> what the president is talking about is three times that in terms what have he wanted for revenue increases. they are saying we will give you a third of that, and you know what, you have to count this as something we are giving you it negotiate with and so you have to give us something for it. the president is saying we already have substantial budget cuts in place and we are talking about serious, serious tax hikes. >> juan, just admit it, the fiscal cliff is not the fiscal cliff. it should be really called returning to the clinton era tax rates, which isn't that the democrats dream to return to the
6:22 pm
clinton era tax rates? >> no. that was 39%. i don't think that's a big deal and not comparable to what the rates were under reagan or going back to even clinton. clinton was 39%. >> that's where we are going, 39%. >> what about this? every time bainner and obama gets close to a deal, obama moves the goalpost back. >> because he's playing hardball. he's going, republicans, i don't care about that, i get that for free. he's kind of the guy that came to play and staunch for his side. >> the american people, when you look at the policy, they think it's president obama who is willing to compromise. >> because he's able to fit it in. because he hasn't conceded anything. >> and who are the obstructionists? who is afraid to move? it's my ideology, i can't negotiate. and even if we go off the cliff we endanger the whole economy. >> again, the idea of add hearing to a principle sadly in
6:23 pm
this world is seen as extremist, which is trying to limit government and cutting taxes. what obama has been able to do is shift the argument from cutting and spending to now spending and borrowing. cutting is even part of it. >> we have to leave it there. coming up, it's the day after christmas. you know what that means? all the bad kids going bad. [laughter] >> let's tell you what the finalist got from santa. and this woman said she was fired from her job for being too sexy, her boss couldn't handle it. that's ahead on "the five." ♪ with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> welcome back. it's been a rough couple months for republicans. they first lost the election -- i guess you can keep the music going. why not? now they are losing a deal on the fiscal cliff so there's no surprise they are losing hope for the future a new washington news poll says 70% of the gop is fearful about what lies ahead in 2013. all right. so let's take a look at this. 72% of republicans say they are very fearful wishes is up by double digits in what they were under president george w. bush and much higher, double digits up from 53% i guess when president obama took office. so, greg, are republicans just more grounded in reason so they are seeing the future as a real nail-biter because they are more focused, they get it more than liberals? >> conservatives in the republican party are like vampire killers.
6:28 pm
the liberals are generally hate the vampire killers because they are the bloodsuckers. so obviously the republicans are terrified the government is expanding and they are pessimistic about it where the liberals are hopeful because the vampires have the keys to the blood bank. >> did you you just watch "twilight?" >> i just watched "let the right one in" a finish vampire movie which is why that is on my head. >> you are very dark today. >> i'm sorry. >> democrats are more hopeful to the future. i guess they think good things will come and i guess noah's neighbors were hopeful for the future to. >> their guys got in and they are dreaming of little entitlements dancing over their heads at night and dreaming. i would be happy too. and people that have to pull out their wallets to pay for things,
6:29 pm
like the mortgagor the rent and electric and all that, then you have some woes, you have some worries. look at the numbers for the holiday shopping, the worst in four years. what does that tell but the level of optimism across this country? >> juan, are you in denial about the future? >> i must be. because i think consumers have been pretty optimistic. the latest numbers aren't so great because they are a little down but consumers are driving the economy and the christmas season shopping. the retailers aren't down about it. >> i think you are a christmas hog, you are drinking out of beckel's glass. >> that can't be good. >> i think a lot of republicans are just -- i think they were living in a bubble and now they are depressed and they are sad. but it has no connection to any reality. >> eric, eric, are you sad? >> no. i'll explain the numbers. i'll give you the number exactly, 27%, right? >> yep. >> here's how it breaks down. assuming, it's probably because of this, the republicans on the right you have very staunch conservatives and you have
6:30 pm
establishment, kind of squishy contracts. and 50% and half are worried and you come up with 72 to 75% of people on the right are worried about what's to come. and the people, the 100% of the real conservatives are right because what's to come could be really ugly. >> the new york times i guess is wishful thinking. they are in denial. they have an argue out talking about how the tea party might not be over but republicans are caving on three issues, one is gun ownership, two is taxes and the other is immigration. on the tacks point i'm thinking if the new york times were accurate, won we have a deal by now in washington? >> they are nothing but vampires. >> oh, my god! >> no. what i love, the times and wishful thinking, how the tea party doesn't have influence, but they have been saying that
6:31 pm
about the tea party since they started. they have been look at the law-abiding locals and seeing them as bigoted crazy people when all they have been doing is sticking to one principle which is limited government. meanwhile they look at something that has no principles like occupy washington and they are basically mold. >> republicans might have reason to fret, their leader, speaker john boehner, his approval rating is lower than that of nancy pelosi, who is a vampire, i actually think. it's 51% boehner unfavorable and pelosi 50%. juan, you said something earlier you have been hearing that boehner is safe. i've actually been hearing the opposite. i like john boehner, i think he has a tough situation on his hands. he's trying to heard cats. i don't agree what he did the other day, why he had put a bill on the floor he doesn't have support for. you think he won't hold on? >> no, i think he will hold on.
6:32 pm
i don't know if it's coming but at the moment i don't think there's enough time before january 3rd to really line up. what happened to john boehner, i thought -- >> and he thought he had the votes. >> his troops abandoned him. >> ken next mccarthy should go down for that. he's the whip. he should know how many votes he has. >> no, he works for boehner. >> but he goes back with the information about how many votes he has. that was a mess. >> but the whole dynamics didn't make sense. it goes back to something eric said. everybody on the far right said why am i going to put a vote in place that's not ever going to come to reality? >> ihy even talk about it? >> and it will open up the door on the right for someone to run against me in the primary. >> exactly. and the true conservative that doesn't want taxes to go up anyway, they won on it in 2010 or earlier, would put their name on a vote to raise taxes if they knew it wouldn't go to the senate? never! >> here's where you and i differ. you have to negotiate and compromise if you care about the
6:33 pm
country and the economy at some point. you say i've been elected, but let's govern. >> but is obama willing to negotiate? >> is the senate willing to negotiate? >> no matter what you put up there, if it doesn't start with $250,000, it's not going to pass. >> wait a second, obama went up to $400,000. >> what's he done on entitlements? >> he did the change cpi that would bring it down. >> that's not true. >> no. listen, he did nothing. john boehner has conceded some things. the last move, not a smart one. >> can we talk more about vampires? >> we can. only during the commercial break. >> oh, okay. >> and now a word from our sponsor. is it okay to fire an employee for being simply irresistible? greg has had this problem over and over but he is still here. we will tell but it next. >> after working so many years side by side, i didn't have any idea that that would have crossed his mind.
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>> live from the news headquarters. we are following the situation with former president george h.w. bush. he's in the intensive care unit at methodist hospital in houston. a family spokesperson said he's alert and conversing with medical staff and is surrounded by family. doctors decided after a series of setbacks and a persistent fever to admit him to the intensive care unit on sunday. the doctors are cautiously optimistic about the current treatment. he was admitted to the hospital on november 23rd with bronchitis. a hospital spokesperson said in mid-december the president was expected to be home from the hospital in time for christmas.
6:38 pm
we will be following his condition throughout the night. for now back to "the five" and for all your latest headlines go to ♪ ♪ pretty woman walking down the street ♪ ♪ pretty woman the kind i like to meet ♪ pretty woman ♪ >> is it an offense to be too good-looking? apparently so in iowa. the supreme court just ruled that dentist james knight had the right to file his dental assistant for being too irresistible and a perceived threat to his marriage. she worked there for ten years and was viewed him as a father figure but was fired after his wife complained about her. >> after working with him so many years side by side, i didn't have any idea that would have crossed his mind.
6:39 pm
i think it's sending a message that men can do whatever they want in the workforce. >> that's not nice. but apparently the iowa supreme court disagrees with me. eric, you are laughing. >> i'm laughing because can you imagine if she was fired for being too not good-looking? there would be an outrage and uproar. but it's okay to fire for being good-looking. >> and ten years of service. >> we get discriminated against all the time. >> you do? >> yeah, you mean the good-looking people? >> yeah, yeah. >> not for humility, i suppose. >> no, this is mr. sensitivity here. >> he's just laughing. >> i feel bad for her because i can see, and in that photo is a picture of a child so she's a mom and apparently she's quite attractive head to toe, if you know what i mean. so the dentist, i guess, admitted to his wife or did something where the wife caught on to it or didn't like this
6:40 pm
woman looks. she's quite sexy. why are you shaking your head? >> i want to point out this is a plot line from an la series from 20 years ago. you look at the old series and then you go to court. this is women on women sectionism. the man has nothing to do with it. wife is probably saying i've had enough of this, get out. but having said that, there's more discrimination against the homely than there are against the hot. i wonder how many women have lost their jobs to this woman because they weren't attractive enough? think about that, america. >> well, that was interesting. part of the problem is he said her clothes were too tight, too sexy, too revealing, so that was a problem for him to be able to -- actually i would like my dentist to concentrate f he's getting distracted, maybe it is a problem. >> that's not why she got fired because she worked for him for ten years. and they were having, i guess
6:41 pm
they had texted back and forth about her sex life or something else. she did not complain. she didn't complain. the wife found the text and said i don't like this, this is a threat to our marriage, fire her. perfectly legal. america, guess what, being a hot woman is not a protected class. >> and you raise another point, women should not be in the workplace. >> oh, my god! >> what are we doing here? >> that's in the twitter. >> wait, she's a woman. they replaced her with a woman. >> i bet it wasn't a hot woman. >> i wish we had the picture to see what came in. but here's the thing. the ruling, all the boys, the boys on the court said, yes, good-bye, no money for you, he can fire you. >> let's say you are happily married and you want to hire a nanny and you are doing the hiring, the woman is doing the hiring. what would you do? the beautiful nanny comes in or a guy named steve? >> you would hire the guy named steve.
6:42 pm
>> steve gets the job because, like both of you are going this can't happen. >> and that's completely legal and if the hot woman says i didn't get the job because i was too hot. too bad. >> what if you like pudgy guys named steve. >> that's a problem. but i think it was totally crazy. after ten years, what was going on here? it was the wife. you were on to that, right? it was the wife. but i think, look, are you kidding me? men in the workplace, of course we look at women. >> one time i had the good fortune to you "too hot for citibanks" do you remember that? do you remember that young lead? she was really hot. >> i cannot work anywhere else, can you? >> there she is. see what i'm talking about? >> unfortunately for her, though -- >> or her credenza. >> she's not protected. >> i think maybe it's not a good
6:43 pm
idea to be too hot is the morale of the story. >> wait a saying this? >> yeah. unless -- >> there's enough suffering in this world. >> being hot is not a crime. >> the onion always says the unemployment rate for hot chicks is zero. >> i think that's the case. >> tease, tease, tease. here we go. coming up, what the five of us did this christmas. we will share some of our stories. and plus a special homecoming just in time for the holidays to tell you about. it's all next on "the five." stay with us. ♪ have a holly jolly christmas and when you walk down the street ♪ ♪ say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet ♪ combined mpg, and more interior room than corolla and civic? and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff?
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♪ let it snow let it snow let it ♪ ♪ man, it doesn't show science of stopping ♪ >> it's the day after christmas, everyone. and today lots of people are cleaning up. they are hitting the stores to return those unwanted gifts and reflecting on what the day meant to them. eric. what did you get for christmas,
6:48 pm
buddy? >> well, i got a couple things from my brother-in-law. i got this amazing set of knives. now this is important. they are like -- >> more weapons in your house. >> they are not steal, they are porcelain, and they are the sharpest knives you have ever seen. >> you are not returning them? >> hell, no. >> and you got these too. >> i got cufflinks. >> did you use your life to cut through a tin can? >> yes. >> knives are expensive were that's a nice gift. >> somewhat did you get? >> the soda stream, the device that turns water into soda. >> is that good? >> i want that and also the ear cleaning device. >> oh, no. >> but i think it's the same thing. >> an ear cleaning device? you know what they say about the ear cleaners and nose cleaners, buy this before someone gives it to you because that means you need it. >> i thought you were going to say to regift it. >> what did you get?
6:49 pm
>> i wish you would have gotten me a soda stream instead of pictures of back-to-back christmases. >> but i know what you would use it for, cleaning your gutter. >> oh, okay. for christmas i got a beautiful purse from my mother-in-law, and it's an antique purse. looks like a little silver box. >> you are not taking it back? >> no, no, i love it. it's gorgeous. i got that, and i got some perfume from my ex-husband's girlfriend. >> wait a minute, your -- >> my former mother-in-law -- >> but the husband's ex-girlfriend felt the need to give you a christmas present? >> it was very nice. everyone exchanged nice gifts. >> that's a fascinating gift exchange. >> we had a modern family christmas. it was adorable. >> she gave you future counseling? >> greg, what did you get? >> in my apartment we had an amazing feast. we exchanged gifts. by we i really mean me. and by everyone it was all my stuffed animals that i had
6:50 pm
around a cardboard box where we feasted off an old jar of peanut butter. i got nothing. you know what i had? you know what i got for christmas? the flu. i was in bed the last few days and the only gift i was returning was in the bathroom. >> you are still sick. >> i am still sick. >> i got some amazing stuff. my favorite, i think you will appreciate this, i like baseball, as you know, and my wife gave me a baseball with some artisan cut a hole through and made a kaleidoscope out of it. and because i have a bad back she gave me this device you are supposed to lay on and it stretches your back. believe me, if i could return it without getting in trouble. and if i was smart enough not to talk about it on tv, i would return it. it's a waste of time and i don't get it. >> and gifts meant to help an injury, no fun. >> no, absolutely. but you have some pictures of christmas? >> i do. i promised you this was not a
6:51 pm
dog-free zone before we started the show. it is. my sister's dog. we will show the picture. there he is. that's santa. and that was at the ugly sweater party my sister had. we have a picture of that too. that's my brother dean in the the middle. he took off his ugly sweater. that's her and hers and mine with the ugly shirt. it was so horrific. >> that isn't ugly at all. >> did you get disqualified because that is not ugly. >> i did not win the competition. >> very nice. >> what we should mention on a positive note is that john hammer, who we've been talking about, the guy who was in mexico because he brought in the shotgun and was in jail, he got out in time for christmas. this is good news. look at that. like a christmas miracle. >> a very happy, nice story because i know he was having some health issues and was very sick, had the stomach flu. i think a worse case than greg but now he's doing well.
6:52 pm
thank god he's with his family. >> and the we should thank the mexican drug. i can't remember her name but she signed his release and saved a lot of heartache for a lot of people. >> sure did. the right thing to do. the law prevails. >> the law prevails as long as your guy wins. >> correct. >> but in terms of bringing guns into mexico, i don't know about that. >> he wasn't committing -- >> yeah, don't want to do that. >> all right. hang with us because one more thing is coming up next, and you won't want to miss it. ♪ you got your hands up ♪ you are rocking in my truck ♪ you got the radio on ♪ you are singing every song ♪ i'm set on cruise control ♪ i'm slowly losing control of everything i got ♪ ♪ you are look so damn hot ♪ and i don't know what road we're on or where we've been ♪
6:53 pm
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[poignant music] woman: my father taught me a lot about life without ever saying a word. when i was a little girl, my friends were all just like me. his never were. - hello, hello. - didn't you bring them, george? - i thought you were going to. - no, no. i brought them last time. - you are right. [laughs] i forgot! all right, all right. woman: i used to wonder, why would a jew, a christian, and a muslim ever get together?
6:56 pm
both: it was him! woman: and then i finally got it. they had a lot more in common than doughnuts. - ♪ love can build a bridge - ♪ oh, love and only love - ♪ between your heart and mine ♪ - ♪ between your heart and mine ♪ male announcer: a message from the foundation for a better life. >> greg: if you knew what kimberly said, it was offensive. >> if you only knew what kimberly said to me, it was offensive. >> it wasn't to you. >> there's one more thing. >> it's the holiday season, the holiday spirit, the gift giving season. take a look at this. this is the epitome of christmas joy. >> we're going to the game, pop! we're going to the game!
6:57 pm
[laughter] >> so what you are seeing there is don buchanan in oxford, alabama, his son, dan, gave his dad a hat. he said dad, take a look at the hat size. when the dad did, inside were tickets for the january 7th game between alabama and notre dame, and those tickets are hard to come by. and there's dad saying, son, we're going to the big championship college game. >> isn't that awesome. >> and you can see he had such an emotional positive reaction. that's just ecstatic. merry christmas. >> go notre dame. >> and dad will be more ecstatic when alabama crushes -- >> oh, take it easy. >> i'm a big notre dame fan, but this is the men playing the boys. sorry. >> i thought it was kind of -- >> what is offensive? what is with you? >> so much gratitude about the
6:58 pm
hat. >> eric? >> the hat literally had nothing to talk about. >> he had all day. >> here's what i will do. tomorrow i'm going to host cavuto at 4:00. guess what i just bought mr. juan williams? >> all right. i booked him. >> thank you. >> don, you should bring that device you got for christmas, the back cruncher. >> like the bow flection. i like that commercial. >> i bet you do, you strange person. andrea. >> this is a pretty cool story. police officers in newtown, connecticut have been working very, very hard so police officers from neighboring towns decided to come in yesterday and give those guys and gals the day off. so alternative police officers came in. they worked for them so these police officers who have had such a horrific last couple
6:59 pm
weeks could have nice memories with their families. it was so great. police force, they really support each other. >> that's a unique idea. you think what can i do to help and that's a good, practical way. they have been working around the clock and now they can be with their families. i like that. that's awesome. >> oh, me. i was just thinking. resolutions. nobody actually does resolutions. but you think everybody does resolutions because whenever you turn on the tv or when you open up a newspaper or read a magazine somebody is doing a story on resolutions. there were no reporters asking do you have any resolutions, there would be nobody talking about resolutions. so the next time a reporter said what's your resolution tell them it's to keep kicking reporters in the knees and then just start kicking them. >> you know you are not going -- you are going to break it anyway. >> but you band resolutions before you are new year's eve show? >> yes. i did that on purpose. it's a


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